Pumpkin Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake + A Giveaway!

hmmmmmm…. nice presentation and yummy

pumpkin-chocolate-bundt-cakeThis post is in partnership with MightyNest, the online retailer with a positive mission: providing the natural, organic, and non-toxic products that families seek for their homes while also giving back to schools. MightyNest is sponsoring the giveaway and provided a set of the materials to me for review.

Teflon in cookware is a bad idea: we don’t really need to debate this, right? When heated (which cookware occasionally is, cough), Teflon coatings on nonstick cookware can release a toxic gas capable of killing pet birds and producing flu-like symptoms in humans. PFOA, a suspected carcinogen, is used in the process of manufacturing Teflon. Teflon and PFOA, collectively known as perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs, accumulate in our environment: in soil, in groundwater, in our own bodies. Human exposure to PFCs is associated with smaller birth weight and size in newborn babies, elevated cholesterol, abnormal thyroid…

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